Jizzy Stardust

Visual Artist

Starting with mainly psychedelic art focusing on entheogens, I have been gravitating towards the natural environment and its many life forms. Along with these themes, I have also been doing works critiquing our social norms and the inner workings of the human brain. I mainly use oils and acrylics, but have also recently experimenting with alternative paints and mediums.

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“Live to love. Love to live."

Dang Khoa


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San Jose, CA, USA


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Dang Khoa Dotruong 

Born in Vietnam, a refugee till three years old. After arriving in America in the East coast, raised in Connecticut then California. Enlisted in the Navy after high school for one tour in Japan. Now working as a freelance artist in San Jose, California.

My work is inspired by Nature, the Universe, and the human psyche. Themes span from the natural to political to the psychological. These are the important issues facing mankind and myself. The mediums vary from each piece to the next depending on the message. My philosophy is that art can be expressed in any form with anything we can get our hands on. We as a human race are facing troubling times, art is one of the ways we can look for the solutions.